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Static Sim L.L.C.
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Static Sim L.L.C. is proud to be the exclusive provider of the: 

Baricity Educational Spinal Tool

This regional anesthesia training tool is the only training aid that demonstrates the distribution and behaviors of medications with various densities within the intrathecal space post medication injection. Current spinal injection task trainers provide only for simulated confirmation of correct needle insertion and placement through loss of resistance. Additionally, this product allows the visualization of how changes in patient positioning may affect medication distribution. Its purpose and continued development is to advance patient safety during the pratice of intrathecal regional anesthesia.

baricity education spinal tool

Baricity education spinal tool


Acrylic baricity

The B.E.S.T. is currently used as part of the regional anesthesia training at the VCU Nurse Anesthesia Program, the   Mt. Marty College  Nurse Anesthesia program, and the University of St. Francis Nurse Anestheisa program.
Continued development with new materials and features.