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Static Sim L.L.C.
A Virgina based company

Features of the B.E.S.T:

  • Injectable tube formulated to withstand multiple needle insertions with 25 gague hypodermic needle.
  • Translucent material to aid in visualization of medication behavior and dispersion.

Baricity needle inject

dermatome map

  • Capable of accepting 17 guage tuohy and epidural catheter.

Baricity tuohy

Dermatome map
  • Easy removal of used injectable tube for replacement with a new one.

BEST tube exchange

BEST tube attach

  • Anatomicaly representitive with 33 vertabrae and an approximation of the spinal curvature.

spine model

BEST side view

BEST anterior view

  • Non-complicated postioining of the training tool post injection similar to patient positioning.

BEST lateral recumbent

Representation of patient laying on their side

BEST supine

Representation of patient in the supine position
Model of the vertebral coulmn 
  • Robust construction able to withstand new learners.
  • Water and damage resistant ceramic finish.