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The B.E.S.T. was developed at the top ranked  VCU Nurse Anesthesia  program as part of a doctoral capstone project.  The tool has been continually developed through constant evaluating by, nurse anesthesia students, credentialed nurse anesthesia providers (CRNAs), and physician anestheiologists. The work was featured on the cover of the nurse anesthesia national organization's periodical, The AANA Journal. 
This technology brings a visual demonstration to an abstract concept. An ambiguous understanding of the distribution of intrathecal medication may lead to incidents of compromised respiratory status resulting from unintended paralysis of the muscles required for breathing. To date, there has not been any device or technology available to demonstrate this important concept beyond computer-based models where manipulation of the injection site or patient positioning is only virtual. This technology affords the learner an opportunity to physically inject stained medications  into the model (which represents the intrathecal space) and position the device to visualize the distribution of the injected medication given the difference in density between different medications and cerebrospinal fluid.

AANA baricity

baricity injection

Testing by cridentialed CRNA's at a Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associate continuing eduction meeting
B.E.S.T. Proof of concept and first generation development
Cover of the AANA journal featuring the prototype B.E.S.T. 


BEST prototype

baricity injection

B.E.S.T. second generation development

baricity education training tool

Best needle insertion

Baricity training with VCU SRNA's during their regional anesthesia anatomy training.
New fabrication materials testing with SRNA's during their regional anesthesia training.
B.E.S.T. third generation development

BEST generation 3

Gen 3 BEST diagonal view

Best gen 3 Jessica use

B.E.S.T. fourth generation development